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immo-RRB Reaction Response Box
Have you always made this type of measurement with a simple keyboard, but you are dissatisfied with accuracy and latency time? With RRB you can improve the performance and accuracy of your experiments.
The RRB doesn't need dedicated drivers, it is just a plug&play device!

You can connect the RRB directly to your pc with the provided USB cable, no extra hardware is required (i.e. USB to serial converter, which can introduce latency time and make your measure inaccurate).
It only takes five minutes to setup the RRB to suit your needs.
You can then simply connect your preferred input button to one of the two 3.5mm audio jack inputs and start measuring.
Simple PC software
With our user-friendly software interface you can easily configure the label response character to any key (default L and R), so you don't need any special modifications in your test programs.
You can also choose from three types of response: on press, on release or continuous.
To avoid to distract your patient, you can also simply configure the status LED to be turned off during the normal operation.
Ultra low-latency keyboard replacement
If your test software can be used with a standard keyboard, then they will also work with the immo-RRB.
For each input you can choose the corresponding character to be sent to your pc.
The response type can also be configured to one of the following options:
  • on press: the character is sent when the button is pressed
  • on release: the character is sent when the button is pressed and released
  • on continuous: the character is continuously sent as long as the button is pressed
External programs support (i.e. Matlab)
We are working on a software interface which allows you to perform ultra precise measurements using the RRB.
You will be able to directly communicate with the RRB from external tools like Matlab.
If you are interested in this feature, don't hesitate and contact us!
Multi benchmarking capabilities
The latency time can change from one workstation to an other.
This variation is related to many factors (i.e. CPU speed, hardware, operating system, ...).
In order to be able to perform an accurate result evaluation (i.e. for publication, for statistics, ...) is really important to be able to quantify the latency time.

The additional features allow you to keep under control the different behaviour of each workstation and to measure their average latency time.

NEW The benchmark is now supporting a "Ping" and a "Button simulation" mode.
With these two functionalities your are able to quick check the USB responsiveness (Ping) or more carefully evaluate the entire communication chain (Button simulation).
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